Because of You

Your membership in the WFCA is essential and the support you give makes our mission come to life. Our Associate members are critical to our success.

“We are making a difference,” said Scott Humphrey, CEO of the WFCA. “Because of You” we are most powerful when we work together to address the key issues that affect this rapidly and dramatically changing industry. We simply could not do this important work without our supporters. They help shape and secure the future of this industry.”

BECAUSE WE HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY.  WFCA is a nonprofit organization. As an associate member, why wouldn't you support someone whose sole purpose and goal is the betterment of the entire industry? It is their mission to help each of their 10,000+ members succeed.

As independent retailers, we select our vendor partners very carefully - and it's critical to us that they are members of WFCA, as they offer support to our industry and to us as individuals. BECAUSE SPEAKING WITH ONE VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

BECAUSE WE ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION. Through the acquisition of CFI and the founding of the Floor Covering Education Foundation, the WFCA is taking action to address the installation crisis. This has been a critical issue for years. Finally, someone is taking the problem seriously. As an industry, we need to do this together and WFCA is our voice.

BECAUSE WE ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION. As a member, I've enjoyed being a part of it just to get back to our industry. We’re utilizing the training tools as we onboard new salespeople and the networking opportunities have been huge for me.

From manufacturer to distributor, retailer to installer, the WFCA is a force that binds the industry together. I believe in the power of membership in the WFCA. Our collective voice is much stronger than any one of our individual voices could ever be. The WFCA’s sole focus and purpose is to use this power to help the individual flooring retailer become better at what they do. Join us. BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. I think dealers should be a part of the WFCA and look at all the aspects that WFCA brings to the table to help make us the independent dealer a better store.

BECAUSE SPEAKING WITH ONE VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The key to being part of the WFCA is because this is a single industry; without the manufacturers, retailers have nothing to sell. Without the retailer, installers have nothing to install. We need to work together, and WFCA brings all of that together.

BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. The WFCA has made a huge impact by unifying retailers, manufacturers, and vendors. By bringing them together and establishing the FCEF, we are working toward a solution that will benefit the entire industry, not just one segment.

BECAUSE WE HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY.  I think one of the most important factors for me in being part of the WFCA is networking.

Jay Kopelson, Vice President of Corporate Accounts for Mannington Mills, stresses the importance of Associate Members to the WFCA. It is, in large part, because of the support of the supplier side of the industry, the manufacturers and the distributors, that the WFCA is able to do the work it does on behalf of the industry.  BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

One of the most profound crises facing our industry is one of skill and labor. We are running out of installers and skilled installers are aging out. This is a critical time for the industry that will impact everyone from retailers through manufacturing. The WFCA has a unique industry position as an advocacy group to pour their resources and leverage their position into helping solve this problem. From the acquisition of CFI to the formation of FCEF, the WFCA has been ahead of this issue and is working with industry partners to create a lasting, long-term solution. BECAUSE WE ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

The WFCA fights for the industry in Washington, D.C. In particular, the WFCA leverages its industry wide voice to make sure the independent flooring retailer is heard on the hill. There is no one else to take up this fight. These are your customers and the backbone of the industry and the WFCA is dedicated to protecting them and ensuring their success. BECAUSE SPEAKING WITH ONE VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Our members pay attention to who supports them. Support of the WFCA is a visible way to show this support. Over 10,000 strong, these are your customers. The WFCA reaches them in a way no other organization can. The WFCA recognizes its Association partners and there are opportunities to promote your business directly to the membership through the WFCA. BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

If you show at TISE, this membership pays for itself. The WFCA is a primary supporter, and original founder, of one of the industry’s most important trade events. As an associate member, you get 20% off of your booth space, which pays for this membership. Do good for the industry and for the bottom line. BECAUSE WE HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF OUR INDUSTRY.