Save Money with CHIPD

The World Floor Covering Association has created an exclusive value-added partnership with CHIPD. This is a game-changer for WFCA members who are looking to keep more of their revenue and improve the customer payment experience. CHIPD provides cost-effective and time-saving online payment solutions to leverage technology to accelerate payments, increase cash flow, decrease accounts receivables (AR), and reduce office interruptions and administrative costs.

WFCA Members have access to exclusive rates with CHIPD. CHIPD will provide a free analysis for any WFCA members who would like to understand how to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to learn more and schedule a free analysis.

What is the account approval process?
CHIPD makes it as easy as possible to get your new account up and running quickly. Credit card processing is a banking product, therefore sponsoring banks and processors are required to meet certain federal mandates.  As part of the USA Patriot Act, passed in 2001, banks are REQUIRED to get certain information, like social security numbers and financial information.  Click here for more information.

CHIPD Payment Gateway
Giving your customers different payment options allows you to accept payments easier and faster. This solution allows for payments at the front desk, over the phone, across office locations, the ability to set up recurring payments AND customer payments from your website, allowing them to pay anytime, at their convenience, 24/7!  The CHIPD Gateway also allows multiple businesses to have credit card processing funds deposited into separate checking accounts through one system. All your reports in one spot!  Click here for more details. 

Exclusive WFCA Member Savings with CHIPD

CHIPD has provided payment platforms in the flooring industry since 2012, and understands the complex payment challenges facing wholesalers, retailers and installers.  “The CHIPD team is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and has an understanding of the needs of our members,” says Scott Humphrey, WFCA CEO.