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Sales and Business Management Training - $399 Yearly Subscription for Members, $699 Yearly Subscription for Non-Members

The Flooring Industry's source for education, strategy, and continuous growth. This online education platform amplifies your business starting with the key piece - your people. There are learning opportunities for sales associates, sales managers, accountants/controllers, merchandisers, operations managers, human resources, and owners. These modules are both live and animated and each provides testing opportunities.

In addition to the 40 modules on Sales and Business Management Training, we are adding 51 new modules for 2019.  These Modules are presented in an interview format by Tom Jennings, author of the WFCA's "Tom's Tips" video series. Included are topics for both staff and management. These are ideal for viewing individually or as a group during a sales meeting. Each module also includes a "takeaway" component to reinforce learning.

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Included Courses

Some of the new modules being added in 2019!

Management Modules

  • Tips on successful sales meetings
  • Top salespeople seldom make top sales managers Display for success at the bottom line
  • Leaders… lead by example
  • Manager or facilitator?
  • More selection is not necessarily better

Sales Modules

  • People do judge a book by it’s cover
  • Preparation and presentation
  • Selling to an educated customer
  • Controlling the exit portion of the sale
  • How do your customers define convenient
  • Remember that the customer doesn’t know what we do Sell the problem before you sell the solution
  • Slow down to go faster
  • The customer is not always right
  • The first sale is of yourself

Below are some examples of courses included in the WFCA University Online.

Financials - Calculating Breakeven
During this session you will learn the importance of and the necessary steps to calculating a sales breakeven for your company, with one special twist.  You will also learn how much you need to generate in additional sales to cover your cash needs. 

Financials-Financial Ratios 101
This module covers the importance of tracking business metrics and show examples of what metrics are crucial to running a profitable retail company. 

Merchandising-Innovative Pricing Strategy  
During this session you will be exposed progressive pricing strategy that helps maintain margins, increase close rates, and boost the average ticket.

Merchandising-Open to Buy
During this course you will learn the concept of an open-to-buy program, why it important, and how to use the calculations to better manage money spent on inventory purchases.

Organizational-Conducting Effective Management Meetings
At the completion of this course you will learn effective strategies to holding productive management meetings through the use of dashboards, task lists, and parking lots.

Organizational-Employee Handbooks
During this course you will learn the importance of, what should be included in, and how to create an employee handbook.

Sales Management - Effective Customer Engagement Strategies
During this session we will cover the age old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and some engagement techniques that when done properly will lead in a huge increase in sales and overall customer satisfaction.

Sales Management- Counting Traffic and Calculating Close Rates
During this session you will learn various methods to counting traffic and calculating close rates. 

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