What is FCIF?

The Floor Covering Industry Foundation is dedicated to financially assisting those who are or have been affiliated with the floor covering industry who experience illnesses, severe disabilities, or other life-altering hardships. The Foundation ensures that these philanthropic efforts are accomplished with compassion, confidentiality, and preservation of dignity for the individuals concerned.

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Grants may be provided for emergency medical expenses, continuing healthcare expenses, or for basic necessities such as food, shelter, and utilities.  Financial aid is based on individual need.
Eligibility Guidelines
Any applicant or immediate family member (immediate family member is defined as spouse, children or grandchildren) living in the same household and financially supported by the applicant or applicant’s spouse who has derived his or her primary income from employment in the floor covering business for at least five years, may qualify for assistance; eligible years do not have to be consecutive. 
Apply for a Grant
Please complete all sections of the Financial Assistance Application.  All information on the application will be taken into consideration in determining the urgency of need.  Failure to complete all sections of the application may result in a delay in reviewing the application.
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Conditions & Limitations
Each applicant or immediate family member must participate in an interview by a case manager, as certified by the Commission for Case Management.
"I believe that no matter what I did in life, I could never have prepared enough for what I am dealing with now. I am so thankful to the FCIF for the difference they have made in my life and that of my family. Life can be good--even with Muscular Dystrophy!"
Roy Davison,
Roy's Floor Covering Service
"The foundation has given us a peace of mind that we would never have been able to attain by ourselves. It allows us not to worry so much about financial difficulty due to medical expenses, as well as expenses incurred from having a child in a hospital for any period of time. I don't know what we'd be doing without their assistance."
Lea Crooker, wife of Steve Crooker,
JDS Flooring Associate
"The foundation's help made all the difference in helping me get back on my feet. If it wasn't for the Foundation, I would be in debt for more years than I care to think about. Now I'm all caught up with my bills and back on my feet."
Douglas Beachey,
Installer, Carpet and Tile Depot
"I honestly don't know what my family and I would have done if the Floor Covering Industry Foundation was not there to help; we would have lost our house for sure. They gave us shelter and food and paid the hospital bills. They helped with everything!"
Gary Mount, Mohawk Industries
Donate to Help Fund FCIF

The Foundation depends on contributions from industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, industry trade associations, and individuals. Therefore, the amount of assistance that can be provided, as well as the number of beneficiaries who can be helped, is determined by the availability of funds. Donations help the FCIF provide the assistance industry individuals need to cope with life-altering hardships.