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Comp-Time Legislation

We need your help on an important legislation now before Congress.

It is important to let your Congressional Representative knows that you support the Working Families Flexibility Act and urge them to vote in favor of allowing employers to offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay.  It is key to inform your Representative that, as a business man/women in their state that hires employees, that the Working Families Flexibility Act is needed to allow you to offer flexibility to your employees.

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Independent Contractor Issue Campaign

DOL’s dramatic new interpretation highlights the need for a single federal standard for determining who qualifies as an independent contractor.  Small businesses like the flooring installer and retailer are now at the mercy of each agency’s test and its latest interpretation of that test.

Please send the following letter to your representatives on the Hill.


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Help WFCA Support The Marketplace Fairness Act!

At present, a state cannot require out-of-state online sellers to collect the sales tax owed from its customers who purchase flooring product.  WFCA members, however, must collect the local sales tax, which ultimately affects the final price on all our products.  This discrepancy in price between online sellets and brick-and-mortar WFCA retailers is appalling and in some cases, WFCA members see their products sold online on rival websites at 5% to 15% discount.

The Marketplace Fairness Act has the potential to even this unfair playing field. After successfully passing the United States Senate, the bill currently sits in the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee. WFCA needs your help in reaching out to your Member of Congress and asking them to support the Marketplace Fairness Act!

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