Leadership Live

Leadership Live 5.14.21

Fear is binding, but true leaders refuse to be bound, and choose to take risk.

Leadership Live - 5.7.21

In our world today, there is one four letter word that resonates – Love.

Leadership Live - 4.30.21

In this week’s segment, Scott discusses the need for a leadership check-up and a couple of tools to make that happen...

Leadership Live - 4.23.21

In this week's Leadership Live, Scott takes a look at the power of the people in your life...

Leadership Live - 4.16.21

This week Scott speaks to you about one area of leadership that many leaders avoid. It is something the great leaders don’t shy away from - Confrontation.

A Statement from Robert Varden, VP of the CFI Division

CFI has always been much more than just a training organization CFI has always been about family and that has never been more important than now. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been working behind the scenes to reach out to so many of you to see how you are doing or how we can help.

One thing we learned very quickly was that we can help support each other so much more as a group than going it alone.

No one knows more about what a professional flooring installer goes through on a daily basis better than another professional flooring installer.

The CFI Family is strong. We will come out of this together. #CFIFamily #CFIStrong

Leadership Live - 4.9.21

In honor of The Masters Golf Tournament, this week Scott shares leadership lessons from the game of golf... 

Leadership Live - 4.2.21

This week, Scott discusses the power of one little four letter word...MORE.

Leadership Live - 3.26.21

In this week's Leadership Live, Scott shares the story of an amazing sacrificial leader who has recently passed.

Leadership Live 3.19.21

In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott talks about the importance of focus. It is one of the key traits of intentional leaders. In this segment, he uses golf as the example...

Leadership Live - 3.12.21

In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott reminds us that to be the best leader you can be, you have to take the time to invest in yourself...

Leadership Live 3.5.21

In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott reminds us of the power of words…

Leadership Live - 2.26.21

Maybe the greatest measure of a leader is the strength of their followers. In this week's Leadership Live, Scott talks about what to look for in your followers.

Leadership Live - 2.19.21

The opportunity and need to act has never been greater. In this week's Leadership Live, Scott discusses how analysis paralysis binds leaders from taking the necessary steps to lead...

Leadership Live 2.12.21

Invest a few minutes of your time and join Scott as he discusses some amazing examples of Servant Leadership.

Leadership Live - 1.29.21

When it comes to leadership, character is essential. That character was exemplified in the person who is the focus of this week's Leadership Live. 

Leadership Live - 1.22.21

We all have a choice when it comes to how we react to the challenges of our past. In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott lays out for you three options: Lose, Limp, or Leap. The one you chose will determine your future success.

Leadership Live - 1.15.21

Welcome to Leadership Live and 2021! I start this year by challenging you to understnad the importance of hitting the "Pause" button in your life. I hope you enjoy this segment. If you do, please share. Together we can have a positive impact on leaders throughout our world. And while you are sharing and pausing,

Leadership Live - 12.18.20

In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott shares two amazing examples of unexpected leadership and a challenge to focus on the ideal you for 2021.

Leadership Live 12.11.20

2020 is likely a year you will want to forget. In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott shares three easy steps to make 2021 a year you will want to remember...