Leadership Live

Leadership Live - 4.24.20

With all the change that has been brought on by the Coronavirus in the last few weeks, it would be easy as a leader to find yourself looking back at what could have been. This week we discuss a great example of a leader refocusing his team when sudden change is forced on them...

Leadership Live - 4.17.20

We are all faced with a sudden and drastic impact on our lives. When we come out on the other side of this, we will have to adapt to the new world that awaits. This week, Scott Humphrey talks about Team Hoyt and the inspiration you can take from how Dick Hoyt dealt with a sudden drastic change in his life. By looking at the triumphs of Team Hoyt through perseverance and the ability to adapt, you will discover true lessons in leadership.

Leadership Live - 4.10.20

This week, Scott talks about the power of leadership as exemplified by the enduring leadership of Sir Ernest Shackleton in a time of dire need for his crew.