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Flooring stores must always be looking for new ways to be relevant to the next generation of buyers. Learn more in this week’s Tom’s Tips.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom talks about making the ending magnificent.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom shares that a great many dealers fail to spend a like amount of time on the exit portion of the sale.

Too many staff members have the false belief that simply because they were exposed to the information that they somehow now know it.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us to make sure that all staff members know how to predictably respond when these calls inevitably happen. 

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that the only way that you can be successful is to know what your staff’s opinion is of where the impediments lie t

Successful salespeople realize that it’s what we do with our customers that will win the sale.

It is critical long term that thru teaching and training you develop the skills and capabilities of salespeople in fulfilling their responsibility – not take

Every leader faces unforeseen difficulties, but the greats persevere through those challenges.

No one is happy being left in the dark, or having the burden of checking the status placed upon them.

My general observation is that most sales meetings have them had very little to do with actually selling.

As a manager, one of the hardest management skills is learning to take care of yourself first. 

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that when scheduling an appointment for either you, or another staff member, always keep control of the options ava

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that until the customer begins buying, we can’t begin selling!

Just like you must have a sales process to guide your staff, you also need a systematic approach to asking for referrals as well.