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Don’t tell the customer more than they need to know.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom asks, “Are you giving your customers a chance to dream – or are they stuck in a maze?”

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom discusses selling flooring as fashion , “I have found that a profitable use of time is to tour businesses suc

Remember the goal is to make the customer relaxed in your surroundings.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are responsible for your pricing strategy – not your customer.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom shares a concept that many salespeople do not grasp - that of price versus cost.

Ask yourself, is this the way that you want your customers to feel about your firm?

In this week’s Leadership Live, Scott Humphrey shares a lesson in leadership from the life of hotel icon Harris Rosen...

One of the largest hurdles that many independent flooring retailers face is how to stand apart from the crowd to the buying public.

The importance of an attitude of gratitude...

To stand apart in your customer’s eyes, make an increased effort to emphasize your store’s investment in your marketplace.

The best way to build a businesses’ long term reputation is to start at the back end of the customer’s experience with your firm and work forward.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that customers are judging you not only on the merits of the products you offer, but also whether they can place th

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us to always remember this: It’s never about what you think. It’s always about how the customer feels.