Tom's Tips

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The warmer and more welcoming that you project yourself – the greater your chance of success becomes.

Making sure that your customer knows that she has a choice.

Life is too short to purposely do things wrong!

You do not have to be right all of the time!

Competency is a total image – not just product knowledge.

The importance of using non-verbal communication when you are otherwise engaged.

There is a correct time to bring samples into a customer’s home. Do you know when it is?

Always remember that what you seek in those serving you is exactly what customers hope to find in your presence.

Remember, you really do want to know what the customer is thinking!

Excellence can only occur after meaningful practice.

The logic behind sending a handwritten note…to those who did not buy from you.

Digital communication is easy and convenient, but is it always the correct method of communication?

Effective use of the financing tools available to you will undoubtably raise your sales totals.

You will never make enough money doing an installation incorrectly to cover the costs of doing it again at no charge.

Successful sales people realize that the way to build trust with a customer is to focus on the customer themselves – not on products.