Tom's Tips

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Why it’s never wise to put the customer on the defense.

Validate to the customer that what she is saying is important to you.

Remember that you can’t give good advice without first gathering sufficient information.

In today’s world of instant communication, tardiness is viewed as incompetence.

Give the customer a show… and watch your sales grow!

By greeting a customer properly, you will be setting a positive tone for a great presentation.

Your customer will respect you the most when you admit your shortcomings – and help them receive the best advice

The warmer and more welcoming that you project yourself – the greater your chance of success becomes.

Shortsighted salespersons are too often their own worse enemies

Never forget that the hardest order is to get is a re-order. 

Making sure that your customer knows that she has a choice.

Life is too short to purposely do things wrong!

You do not have to be right all of the time!

Competency is a total image – not just product knowledge.

The importance of using non-verbal communication when you are otherwise engaged.