Tom's Tips

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A polite gesture will work wonders when it comes to making a customer feel welcome.

How to present yourself when visiting a customer for an in–home visit.

Explaining the options available will separate you from your competition.

A great option for the increasing number of residences that have a dedicated home office.

A recommendation that will never be a deal breaker, but could be a deal maker.

Learning to master the first few minutes of a business encounter.

No champion was ever crowned that didn’t prepare to win.

Softer is not always better!

Recognizing that many homeowners today are increasingly concerned with their environment.

If a relationship isn’t working out, bow out gracefully.

The dangers of agreeing to counter offers.

I have never lost money on a job that I didn’t do!

It’s important to take a moment and celebrate a victory.

It is much easier to give great service once you gain a greater appreciation of how it feels to get great service.