Tom's Tips

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People pay attention to those who pay attention to them.

It's never wise to put the customer on the defense.

Taking attentive notes will validate to the customer that what she has to say is important to you.

A polite gesture will work wonders when it comes to making a customer feel welcome.

How to present yourself when visiting a customer for an in–home visit.

Explaining the options available will separate you from your competition.

A great option for the increasing number of residences that have a dedicated home office.

A recommendation that will never be a deal breaker, but could be a deal maker.

Learning to master the first few minutes of a business encounter.

No champion was ever crowned that didn’t prepare to win.

Softer is not always better!

Recognizing that many homeowners today are increasingly concerned with their environment.

If a relationship isn’t working out, bow out gracefully.

The dangers of agreeing to counter offers.