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In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that when an installation has been performed well, you shouldn’t forget to thank the installer for their contributi

Too many times the installer is put in the position of having to “figure it out when he gets there.”

It is critical that salespeople are prepared for their upcoming installations – every time!

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that the opportunity to provide great customer service begins when the customer says “I’ll take it.”

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds you that it is Imperative that the sales person create realistic expectations with your customer.

Remember that customers hate surprises! Tom Jennings reminds you to always complete a pre-installation checklist in this week’s Tom’s Tips.

It is troubling how many installations never have a chance to be great due to the wrong product being sold.

Customers must be made to feel like they are in control of the buying process.

I find that it’s not uncommon for dealers to have been in business for years to not really know what today’s customers want in the way of both product and se

In this week's Tom's Tips, Tom talks about how people still are most likely to spend their money with those that pay attention to them.

When presented with the next choice, will you do what’s convenient – or what’s right?

We all know someone who had all kinds of plans and ideas that never quite got around to putting any of them into action.

When you hear “Let me think about it," remember that it’s critical that you convey confidence, not just information.

If you want to be successful at sales, the first person that you need to sell is yourself.

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom talks about the importance of the morning walk-through and being prepared for the day.