Tom's Tips

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Too few sales people seem to realize that the customer is busy qualifying them, as well.

The importance of explaining why doing things incorrectly is not in anyone’s best interests.

Asking yourself: “Does this really matter to the integrity of the sale?”

Developing the good habit of performing the least desirable tasks first.

Deciding which three tasks are most imminently important.

When visiting the customer’s home or office, think of them as having the “home field advantage."

Are they really one of your “best customers”? 

When your firm speaks, what message is the customer hearing? 

Your services add value. Don’t let a “self-educated” customer convince you otherwise. 

The importance of focusing on the objective desired.

Do your staff members know what “yard line” they are on at all times?

Not everyone is looking for a mediocre product at a cheap price.

Why is it that the most educated and dedicated always seem to cash the biggest paychecks?

Sales staff must be believers before anything special will occur sales wise.   

Why the attitude that “the information is online’ may be ineffectual.