Tom's Tips

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It is important to remember that personal opinions are usually best kept to yourself.  

It is only customers who do speak up give you the opportunity to reclaim their consideration for repeat or referral business.  

All things being equal – price will prevail. If this is true – why should all things be equal?

Know your financing options like you know your product offerings.

Mastering the ability to present both upgrades and add on sales will have several positive effects.

When scheduling an in home appointment, take a lesson from how other professionals operate. 

Two words that we often treated as interchangeable are “flooring” and “floor covering."

Sending a handwritten thank you to the potential customers who chose not to buy from your firm. 

Remember that it is not only this sale that is in play, but all future sales as well. 

If you say that you’ll do something – then do it!

Understanding the need for a positive greeting when a customer enters our showroom.

It is imperative that we stay in contact with our customer base.

Great salespeople understand the lifetime value of a customer.

Setting a positive tone when conducting your follow up interview.

Too many sales associates tend to “leave money on the table” by not knowing how to properly present upgrades to a sale.