Tom's Tips

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Everyone has that time of day when they do their best concentrative thinking.

Steve Hillis with Empower Partners discussed numerous topics on how you can work remotely and continue to be efficient in your daily responsibilities.

Leadership isn’t easy. In fact the greatest leaders have often grown the most during times of trial and failure.

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic the WFCA has been working diligently to provide cutting-edge current information on how the decisions made in Washington,

A message from our CEO about the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus. Please click the link below to visit our Coronavirus resource center.

Is your business signage sending mixed messages?

Remove the perception of any “class barriers” that may currently exist.

Respecting a customer’s time represents a great opportunity for service minded flooring dealers.

Remember that a business transaction is made up of many small parts. 

At exactly what age did we begin to believe that practice was no longer needed? 

The importance of being mindful of your tone each and every time you greet someone.

The greatest power for any manager is having a knowledgeable staff.

Does your showroom give the appearance of somewhere to relax and be comfortable?

We all make the mistake of taking ongoing advances for granted.