Always Observing…

Keeping customer care as the core of your business

I believe two basic truths about improving the experiences that our customers have when shopping our stores. First, before you can be a good customer care provider, you must first learn to be an aware customer service receiver. And secondly, we mostly learn from observing other industries. We typically know what’s going on in our world. How do we grow from what we already know?

As my schedule requires frequent travel, I am constantly exposed to great examples of customer service. Or in some cases, perhaps I should say disservice. My goal is to share these observations with WFCA members on a weekly blog that I call ALWAYS OBSERVING.

Giving great service is a practiced skill. It is not accomplished by merely taking a class or reading a book. You must work at improving constantly. I hope to provide you with a weekly reminder that you can share with your staff to move your firm’s service needle from good to great! I’ll be anxious to hear what you think.

Tom Jennings

Tuesday, July 12, 2011