Another Reason To Wave The Flag

The flooring industry is blessed with a promotional advantage that I believe is being underutilized. According to a study by Perception Research Services International, which was published by the AARP, seventy-two percent of consumers 50-64 years old say “made in the USA” labeling significantly influences their purchases. And eighty-one percent of people 50 thru 64 years old buy American because they believe that it helps the economy.

This demographic is exactly where the bulk of the better goods are being purchased today. The flooring industry is still fortunately much more domestically produced than most interior products. Take a look at where the carpet is produced, as well as the cushion it rests upon and the sundry supplies used to install it. Likely they were all produced in the USA.

While the percentage of hard surface flooring may not be as great as it once was, I believe that it still represents the majority of product offerings. The same certainly can’t be said for similar industries, such as furniture. You may realize this yourself, but when was the last time that you proudly told another?

This appears to be an excellent opportunity for local flooring stores to embrace. When a valid study states that roughly 3 of 4 desirable customers want a product element that your offerings already possess, why would you not promote this? Be the first dealer in your market to connect these dots. Your customers, and just possibly your banker, will appreciate it.

Tom Jennings

Tuesday, June 26, 2012