Be A Believer!

Many feel that to be an effective speaker, or salesperson, that you must use big words in order to make a big impression. I disagree. I believe that the most powerful words we can choose are only one or two syllables long. It is the little nuances in the words and phrases we choose to use every day that can have a big effect on how we are perceived by potential customers. Please allow me to offer examples to illustrate my point.

When you wish to offer a suggestion, or opinion, start with the term “I believe” rather than “I think”. Saying “belief” sends a message of confidence, whereas stating that you “think” leaves room for questioning and doubt. Compare your reaction to “I think that you will like this product” with “I believe that you will enjoy the many benefits this product offers”.

While both statements essentially say the same thing, the second shows conviction on your part and suggests an emotional response from the customer. These are both powerful motivators, yet the phrase is only four words longer.

Another example are the words “hope” and “trust”. For instance, while making a post-installation follow-up call to a customer, when you say, “I hope everything is as you wish”, the inference is that this is usually the result – but not always. However, when you state, “I trust everything is as you envisioned”, you are sending a message of confidence. Same sentiment, but with a very different tone.

Pay close attention to the phrases which have become a part of your sales presentation vocabulary. Then take measures to replace words that may suggest uncertainty with those that suggest confidence. I believe that these simple changes will initiate a positive change in your performance.

Tom Jennings

Monday, January 21, 2013