Congratulations To Each And All

This past week I had the privilege of hosting the WFCA’s Industry Hall of Fame induction ceremony that honored three people; the late Sonna Calendrino, Sandy, and Paul Pumphrey for their distinguished contributions to the flooring industry. On paper, these three are actually quite different.

Sonna was largely known for the work that she performed in training our industry in the art of presentation and salesmanship. Whether it was through the media, or in person, her message was always one of improving yourself through service to others.

Sandy’s path was quite different. As the only president that CCA Global Partners has known in its 27 year existence, he has guided literally thousands of store owners and staffs to levels of success that they likely wouldn’t have experienced on their own.

Paul’s legacy is quite unique as well. As a lifelong flooring retailer in Pueblo, Colorado, he always realized that there was more to being a success in business than just unlocking the door in the morning and then locking it again in the evening when you left. Paul felt that you needed to look outside of your local trade area to get a true feel for what the industry as a whole was doing. To this end, he has contributed over 50 years of service to the WFCA and its predecessors.

While all three possessed very different personalities and backgrounds, as I see it they have had one trait clearly in common: a willingness to both share and assist in the accomplishments of others. To me, the greatest measure of anyone’s career is not the success that they may have achieved personally, but rather the cumulative successes of those that they touched along the way. These three individuals passed this test with flying colors. Congratulations to each and all!

Tom Jennings

Tuesday, May 22, 2012