Don’t Forget The Role Players

A successful team is made up of many parts. There are role players, “glue” guys and stars. It’s sometimes easy to recognize the stars and forget the other players. Each individual that works for you should be providing an important and necessary function to the success of your team.

True, some of those players possess lower skill sets, are paid at lower rates and may possibly be easily replaced. However their positions are critical or you wouldn’t have them on the payroll. Each team member must feel appreciated and heard in order to maximize their capabilities. Team chemistry is critical to all championship teams and that chemistry starts with you in the leadership role.

I have found that a great way to build this attitude is by acknowledging these support players for doing something, no matter how small, that made the whole staff look better. I have had positive responses to small gestures extended for a great attitude. You might be surprised what a couple of movie passes, tickets to a ball game, or a dining gift card slipped into a worker’s shirt pocket, can do to build morale and loyalty.

The gift need not be expensive, but should appear to be spontaneous and genuine. Unlike most praises, this act should be in private. It’s not a “big deal”, rather just a quick “I noticed and I’m proud of you moment”. Remember that an unexpected night out might be a real treat to some. Its fun to go home looking like a winner.

Give it a try. I’ll bet that when you do, both you and the employee will have smiles on your faces!

Tom Jennings

Tuesday, November 15, 2011