First You Must Believe

One of the greatest opportunities, and challenges, that a sales manager has is that he or she possesses the power of influence over what is selling well on the showroom floor. What is amazing to me is that most managers do not seem to realize this. They too often forget who their primary customer is.

Many seem to feel that items such as pricing, display placement, product sourcing, etc will guarantee a product’s success. Do all of these things correctly and the customer will want to buy. While these are important elements, they are forgetting the most crucial one: in a flooring store, customers aren’t going to want to buy any product unless a salesperson really wants to sell it.

I have always felt that as a manager, my primary customers were my own staff members. My job is to sell them on the virtues of a given product line or service that we offer. You must make believers out of them before anything special will occur sales wise.

Do not try to sell them on the idea that all products in the store are created equal. It is imperative that you have a targeted number of offerings you wish to promote. You must be especially passionate when stating why this product is a great opportunity for the customer. This is critical. Today’s educated buyer will see a self-centered motive every time.

Put the focus on emotional trigger points, such as easier maintenance that requires less of her time, a healthier home setting for her family, etc. Help them understand how to convey to the customer that this product is not only a great buy – it’s a great buy for you! Without true belief, and a passionate conviction that above all else the prospect wins in a sale, it becomes very difficult to be convincing. Believe it!

Tom Jennings

Monday, April 15, 2013