Follow the Rules…Or Rewrite Them

You are likely familiar with the inspirational story of Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four minute barrier for running a mile. For those who may not be as familiar, the feat was considered impossible prior to 1954, when Bannister accomplished the goal in 3:59.4. Many medical experts were confident that a runner’s body could not endure the amount of strain such a run would put on the heart. Some even publicly stated that such effort could cause the heart to explode.

Fear and complacency are amazing demotivators. Statements made by “experts” who are convinced there is only one right way, right speed, or right outcome have often thwarted the ingenuity, creativity, and success of the masses. Ultimately, there is always 1 person who dares to push back against self-imposed barriers. In this case that was Roger Bannister. A year after his historic feat, the four minute mile had been successfully broken some 300 times.

But this is not simply a blog about breaking through barriers and accomplishing the impossible. What many don’t know is that Bannister broke the four minute mile with the help of others who served at various intervals as pacemakers. In other words, fresh runners would come in who could set a pace that would allow Bannister to strive toward the goal. The same is essential for success in our lives and businesses. In fact, I know this to be true because I once ran a sub four-minute mile… Let that sink in for a minute, but don’t be too impressed till you read the rest of the story in the Surfaces issue of Premier Flooring Retailer. Until then, don’t let others define what is possible in your business and your life.

Thursday, November 16, 2017