The Home Field Advantage

In sports, we hear the term “home field advantage”. When we are visiting a customer’s home or office to measure and estimate, think of the customer as having the home field advantage.
You will often find a very different person than the one you met initially in your store. They now have their comfortable shoes on and their choice of music playing. If you are good, you will make full benefit of this.

We are all inclined to be somewhat self-indulgent. We love to put our pictures on the wall and our trophies on the mantel. Take a moment to notice and acknowledge these with your customer. Ask her to explain their meaning. Listen to her describe how old the grandkids are and where they live.

If you have common interests with her, it is correct to be conversational and say so. Just remember that your job is to learn about her kids and dogs – not to talk too much about yours. At this moment it’s all about her!

Your goal is to gain an understanding of the other person’s wants and wishes. Do so by showing a real interest in her – not just the potential sale that she represents. Take this opportunity to establish yourself as someone she feels comfortable trusting. The ability to build a high level of trust will close more sales with this customer than a low ball price ever could.

Tom Jennings

Monday, November 5, 2012