It’s All About Them!

Traveling about the country conducting training sessions allows me a unique perspective on what I feel may be the most ineffective and underutilized part of our business – advertising. I am always observing what local merchants, typically operating without the benefits of a professional agency, have to say to potential customers. Sadly, the message conveyed in the media is too often focused on the business itself rather than where it should be – on the customer.
Effective advertising speaks to the customer’s interests in language that resonates with them. If Pavlov had used cauliflower paste instead of meat paste to train his dogs, I am pretty sure that the bell would have soon started to tick the dogs off. They just wouldn’t have been interested in what was being offered.
Speaking to the customer in the language of the customer takes practice. You must have the ability to look at your business from the customers’ point of view. While this may sound easy to accomplish, in reality for many dealers it is not.
Customers do not really care how long you have been in business or that you have a cute family. Remember that the message is all about them – not you! What they really care about is what you can do for them – and nothing else. When your firm speaks, what message is your customer hearing?

Tom Jennings

Tuesday, April 3, 2012