It Is Ok To Be A Little Weird!

I’d like to suggest a challenge for each of our members this week. It is to identify one thing about your company that makes it distinctly different from others in your marketplace.

This exercise can be done individually or as a group. Or it may possibly be the topic of a contest within your staff members. Most of all, it should be fun!

It should focus either on the company as a whole, or the individuals of whom it is comprised. As an example, it could be regarding your facility or advertising. Maybe you have the sweetest secretary or the grumpiest service manager. Your company may have been founded when Honest Abe was still clean shaven, or it could be new and hip. If you’re really unique, it could be both!

What it should not be is anything that is product related. Virtually everything shown in most flooring stores is available elsewhere. If not, most successful products seemingly get cloned many times over. I’m not knocking product. It’s just not what will make you stand out in your customer’s eyes.

This exercise may not be as easy as it looks on the surface. When you have arrived at your distinct difference – tell the world about it. If it’s a little quirky or weird – all the better! To stand apart in today’s crowded retail environment it is suicidal to be doing, saying and selling the same as everyone else. Promote your differences. Doing so will not only make it easier for potential customers to remember you, but it will also be very hard for your competition to combat. Do you dare to be distinctive?

Tom Jennings

Wednesday, August 22, 2012