Leadership is Like a MilkShake

I never liked whip cream on my shake. In my mind it simply made it harder to get to the stuff I wanted to get to. To me the whip cream kept me from seeing the “good stuff” and had the potential of being real messy. Before you tune out and decide that I have finally lost my mind, I want you to know that Leadership is like a Milkshake. So often when I read books on leadership, I just wish they would cut through all the fluff and let me see what I really need to see. I wish they would help spell out how I can be a better leader by taking the cosmetic layer off the top.

It is a new year and an amazing opportunity to embrace your best. New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap. Sure we are conditioned to fail, and yes, most of us do. But the only thing worse than attempting and failing is never attempting in the first place. Here are some things to consider as you seek to lead in 2017 – please note, I have removed all the fluff:

  1. Leaders that last aren’t built fast. Leadership is a life long process. It is about the journey on the way to our destination every bit as much as it is about getting there.
  2. Leaders are never comfortable being comfortable – Leaders are only comfortable when they are being courageous!
  3. Great leaders serve – They are always asking how they can add value to others.
  4. Your capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead – invest in yourself this year. You can’t lead others where you have never been.
  5. Great Leaders follow a Leadership Blueprint – ask yourself what winning looks like – write it down- then become it.

I want to thank my childhood friend and international Leadership Guru Randy Gravitt for much of this content. If you want to be challenged daily, subscribe to Randy’s blog at randygravitt.com

Thursday, March 2, 2017