Music City Magic

As I write this, I am currently representing the WFCA at the CFI Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. My question of flooring dealers and installers everywhere is: why don’t I see you here? You don’t know what you are missing!

Those in attendance include experts from the installation, sundry and manufacturing communities. What I have experienced should be considered to be an invaluable resource for all WFCA members. Don’t confuse this event with a typical convention experience. My observation is that it is one part seminars, one part brainstorming sessions, and one part family reunion. These men and women really do care about each other and our industry!

For instance, today I sat in on a tips and troubleshooting seminar. The topic was installing what is perhaps the fastest growing product in our industry, luxury vinyl tile. Participating were technical services representatives from Armstrong, Congoleum, Mannington and IVC. Where else are you going to get all four of these manufacturers in the same room sharing their knowledge at the same time? I witnessed no bias among the trainers, just a genuine desire to see installations performed without the errors that cost all concerned. Add in some great comments from a number of certified installers, and the knowledge available was outstanding. Every flooring salesperson and installer in America would have benefited from this session.

As an example, do you know how to install mitered corners, borders and insert work in click together LVT? Think about it – no tongue or groove on the joint to secure the cut pieces together. If you had been in attendance, you would. Then you’d have an advantage that the store up the street likely does not possess. Remember that there are profit dollars in custom work, but only if your staff possesses the abilities to both sell and execute at a greater level.

The WFCA and the CFI each share a desire to see their members succeed at a higher level. To earn more, you must first learn more! The 20th Annual CFI Convention is next summer in Baltimore. Go for the crab cakes, but plan on returning with newly acquired ideas for your business that will give you a marketable advantage over your competition. You’ll be glad that you did!

Tom Jennings

Wednesday, August 15, 2012