Nobody Is Too Busy To Learn

This week’s reminder is for all the managers in our member firms. Whether your title includes the terms: general, sales, service, installation or office; please hear me out.
If you are not growing as a person and a leader, how can you expect those who report to you to do otherwise? It’s very likely those under your charge are following your lead.

You may ask staff members to use online training, participate in webinars or attend seminars. Do you participate as well? Or are you too busy for that? What message is this sending to your troops?

Nobody is too busy to learn. In fact, you don’t have time not to learn. I believe that in today’s fast changing business climate it is impossible for a leader who is not personally growing to lead a growing organization.

Your staff members look up to you as an example, just as children look up to their parents. We all realize that “do as I say, not as I do” is not a very effective way to raise a child. It is not an effective way to manage staff either. Take the lead in gaining new information and techniques. You, your staff and your customers will all be glad that you did.

Tom Jennings

Wednesday, September 5, 2012