NOW is the Time for Change

Now is the time to address any desired change in your life. In just over a month, we will approach the day when more change is attempted than at any other time of the year - the time of New Years Resolutions. Research tells us that within three weeks, most changes that were attempted on January 1st will have already been aborted with people migrating back to the way they were before.

Why not get a jump start on the life you desire? If the change you seek becomes a habit prior to January 1, your chances of long-term success go up dramatically. Starting with this post, I will be sharing several keys to Successful Leadership. If you truly desire to be a leader of impact, I challenge you to join me on this leadership journey. Make 2020 a year where the vision of your future becomes clear and evident to all who look to you.

Step #1 - Lead Where You Are

It is easy to see the leadership grass as greener elsewhere. If you find yourself saying things like,  “I could be an amazing leader if I were leading a different team, or part of a different organization.”, I challenge you to quit making excuses and lead right where you are.

Ali Hafed was a Persian who owned a very large farm that had orchards, grain fields, and gardens. Ali was a wealthy and content man. One day Ali entertained a guest who told him all about diamonds and how wealthy he would be if he owned a diamond mine. Ali Hafed went to bed that night a poor man—poor because he was discontented.

Craving a mine of diamonds, he sold his farm to search for the rare stones. He traveled the world over, finally becoming so poor, broken, and defeated that he committed suicide.

One day, the man who purchased Ali Hafed’s farm led his camel into the garden to drink. As his camel put its nose into the brook, the man saw a flash of light from the sands of the stream. He pulled out a stone that reflected all the hues of the rainbow. The man had discovered the mine of Golconda, the most magnificent diamond mine in all history.

Had Ali Hafed remained at home and dug in his own garden, he would have had acres of diamonds instead of experiencing death in a strange land. Leadership must start at home. The more we look for opportunities to lead “out there," the more we miss the opportunity to lead right where we are.

I challenge you to make 2020 your leadership breakthrough year. If that is to happen, you must begin by leading where you are. Join on a transformational leadership journey starting NOW and continuing through 2020.

Scott Humphrey

CEO of the WFCA

Thursday, November 14, 2019