Roster Moves

Spring is the time of year when sports pages are full of news pertaining to roster moves. Baseball teams are finishing up spring training, while deciding which twenty-five players to place on their opening day roster. NFL teams are pursuing both free agency and the upcoming college draft. All teams are seeking players who are either capable of greater performance than the existing roster member, or one who is comparable in talent that comes at a lower cost. Even last year’s champions recognize that rosters can always be improved.

In many ways, I’m not sure that the flooring business should be viewed differently. While I realize that it is not seasonal like a sports team, spring is an excellent time to review your team’s roster. Do you have a prima donna on staff that can produce the numbers but is killing the teams’ chemistry? Is there a promising rookie that just needs the chance to play? Is your staff overloaded with the “steady Eddies” of the sales world that are good – just not quite good enough? If so, remember that nothing great is ever accomplished at the “OK level”.

When reviewing your staff, decide which players are the most receptive and responsive to coaching, and which are not. Then take appropriate action, for just as in sports, inactivity should not be an option. Every day your team is either moving up or down in the standings. In which direction is your team trending?

Tom Jennings

Monday, March 26, 2012