Time And Money Well Spent

When opening my mail this morning, I received a reminder that is worth sharing. I received a hand written note of appreciation from an acquaintance. It was 41 words on a 4 x6 inch card. It likely took one minute to write and cost 44 cents to mail. Not much time and not much money – yet it meant a great deal to me.
In today’s world it seems that everything has gone digital. E-mails and text messages are very convenient and we are all glad that we have access to them. You are likely reading these words digitally. But the reality is that if I had received those same 41 words in an e-mail, I would have likely read them on my phone, said to myself “that’s nice” and then hit the delete button.
The 4 x 6 inch card is still lying on my desk. I showed it to my wife. I can’t bring myself to throw it into the recycle bin just yet. I would call that one minute’s time and 44 cents well spent!

Tom Jennings

Sunday, July 24, 2011