True Leadership

True leadership is rarely about title, status, or income. Even more rare is the need for a true leader to identify him or herself. True leaders naturally develop key relationships and surround themselves with others who are smarter and wiser in their key areas of weakness. Because of this, the true leader is rarely the smartest in the room, but always found among those who are. The true leader is not concerned about receiving credit for success, but instead focused on achieving a greater good. The true leader desires to impact now while creating a legacy that will impact far beyond their time on this earth. The true leader is selfless and bound to a code of honor greater than that found in any policy manual. The true leader is not merely a student of great leadership but an impersonator of great leaders.

True leadership is amazingly rare, as the world screams for self recognition and human nature desires credit for a job well done. True leadership is not simply concerned with doing things right; it is consumed by a passion to do the right thing...even when it is not the popular thing. We lack many things in this world, but none impacts us negatively more than the lack of true leadership!

Monday, October 26, 2015