Valuable Lessons Learned

Nobody likes to lose a sale. You’ve often invested a great deal of time, effort and resources with a potential customer. You feel good about both your offering and its chances for acceptance. Then you get the bad news – she’s bought elsewhere.

You feel somewhat defeated and possibly just a little hurt. You’d prefer to just be done with this customer, but only after you’ve told her what you really think! While these are natural inclinations, to behave in this manner would be totally wrong.

An important lesson to remember when dealing with the public is to never ever burn a bridge. You may wish to walk across it in the future. Always take the high road. You will be amazed at how many of these people you will have contact with in the future. You will someday regret harsh actions that you take today.

Find out why she decided against your proposal. Ask what you could have done to achieve a favorable outcome. Above all else, be gracious. When you lose a sale, make sure that you don’t lose the lesson that comes with it. The knowledge gained could eventually be your best payday of all.

Tom Jennings

Wednesday, March 7, 2012