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One of the greatest mistakes leaders make is focusing on their own performance over that of their people. There is no doubt that all leaders need to seek continual improvement, but in order to improve your business, self-improvement is not your best route. Instead, focus on improving those around you. Create an atmosphere that allows and encourages your employees to seek continual improvement. Doing so multiplies your potential to succeed.

This is an election year, so it makes sense to evaluate leadership in the most visible platform we have available in 2016. Now before you think this is a political column, think again. There are, in various forms, leaders on both sides of the isle. Though there have been good leaders, and some may even argue great leaders, there remain no perfect leaders.

True leadership is rarely about title, status, or income. Even more rare is the need for a true leader to identify him or herself. True leaders naturally develop key relationships and surround themselves with others who are smarter and wiser in their key areas of weakness. Because of this, the true leader is rarely the smartest in the room, but always found among those who are. The true leader is not concerned about receiving credit for success, but instead focused on achieving a greater good.

On September 3, 2015, a new law went into effect prohibiting many private sector employers in New York City from requesting or using an employee’s or applicant’s consumer credit history. Unless one of the limited exception applies, employers may not ask employees or applicants about their credit status, bankruptcies, judgments or liens, and using any consumer credit history information. Additionally, as of October 27, 2015, New York City will regulate employers’ use of criminal history for pre-employment screening.